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Kanaho & Yasuto


– How did you meet?

We went together to the university and we met at the academic club. We started dating after I left the university.

-Why did you choose Mallorca, Spain?

I’m very into European architecture and castles and I was originally considering a wedding in France or Italy, but then I heard a story about a beautiful wedding in Spain and decided to go for it. I have never been in Spain before though!


-What was your idea of the wedding and did you fulfil it?

For me Spain is a land of blooming colorful flowers everywhere. Moreover the ceremony was held in a chapel that gave us a majestic and sacred impression. As for the travel, I was a little bit uneasy about bringing a set of dresses and other things on the plane by myself, but the airline company welcomed, blessed and supported me. I also remember very well being moved by the sound of the pipe organ in the chapel – it was played live! I was also stressed about finding a local makeup artist, but I eventually relaxed in the hands of very talented Sayaka. We also were able to do a lot of sightseeing of historical buildings and nature, not to mention all the photos we were able to make!


Photographer: Keita Sawa

Cinematographer: Yuichi Tsugiishi (tomato red motion)

Hair and makeup: Sayaka

Planner: Ayaka Inoue